Here is a list of links to my favorite websites.


Johannes Michelsen
Learn how to turn a hat at a three day class in beautiful Vermont. I took this class and enjoyed every minute. Johannes makes the first ergonomic turning handle in three different sizes, coupled with this steel it’s the best turning tool on the market.


John Jordan
Interested in hollow forms… well this is the place to learn. John is known as a master of hollow forms then add carving and texturing… no wonder his work is in collections all over the world. Check out his handles and hollowing tools.


Al Stirt
Al will show you all the skills needed from the basic bowl to texturing, carving, fluting and much more. This is a outstanding class.


Jimmy Clewes
One of the best woodturners in the world. Jimmy has classes at his shop in Las Vagas or you can see him demo all over the world. He also has a new set of DVD’s and now custom made turning tools.


Bob Rosand
Bob the master of bowls, ornaments, and boxes… you can learn much from this skilled turner.


Bill Grumbine
Bill is a professional woodturner who has a few products I’m impressed with. First is his videos, Turned Bowls Made Easy will show how to turn a bowl from start to finish with easy to follow instructions. The second video will show you advanced techniques, both are very good. Bill also has a single point diamond wheel dresser for $75, this will true up your wheels better than any other style wheel dresser on the market. I use this all the time and wouldn’t go back to a hand held dresser.


Mark St.Leger
Mark is a highly skilled woodturner that has demo’ed all over the country. He designed and sells a 5/8 SRG that is a sweet all around spindle tool.


Conover Workshops
Ernie Conover is a highly published author in the woodworking field with seven books, four videos and hundreds of articles to his credit. When not writing, lecturing or consulting he is active in providing academic oversight and teaching at Conover Workshops—a craft school founded by the Conover family.
2008 course dates are now posted and enrollments are being accepted.


Vinces WoodNWonders
Vince has the best sanding disks I have ever used. They are non-loading with a tough flexible backing that last a long time. A pack of (50) 2-3/8 disks are only 10 bucks and the 3-3/8 disks are $11 You can’t beat that!


Mark Kauder
Mark is know for his segmented work and a flawless finish.

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