Scrapers and skews are priced higher because of the flat stock they are made from or lack of flat stock available. M2 for example can be purchased as bar stock, if you need a piece ¼ inch thick by 1 inch wide it’s available. Matter of fact most common steels can be purchased in almost any size you could imagine. This steel is not common and only sold in round bars, flat sheets and large blocks. It’s simple buy a sheet and cut it up! If you buy the entire sheet the cost is only 70% higher because the manufacture has to take extra time to roll this to size let alone the number of times it has to be annealed during this process. When you buy the sheet it needs to be cut to size, it can’t be done with a band saw so it has to be sent out. While it’s out the surface needs to be ground smooth. A block of steel would be the same as if you went to the local store bought an 8X8 and cut it up into scrapers and skews. Bottom line is it takes a lot of time and money to produce. I will try one more time to produce a batch. if it goes well I’ll continue to make them. If you want a scraper or skew this is the best I could do.